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A peek inside Elliot and Amelia’s bedrooms

A peek inside Elliot and Amelia’s bedrooms

In my opinion, little is more fun than decorating the interior of a nursery or children’s room. Normal me is into interior design but pregnant me goes completely ballistic on pinterest and breastfeeding me is constantly googling after that one Ikea hack to complete the room. Don’t expect any prize winning bedroom designs, nor Instagram worthy shots and if you think design should be qualitative and expensive then walk away. This is just an average mom showing you around her kids’ average rooms she is absurdly proud of. 

Color and prints

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I have a thing for color. Like any person I go through phases and from a bohemian, romantic, Friends style looking apartment we moved on to a more grown-up version with Scandinavian influences. However, I’m often told people can pinpoint my style exactly because it is a little quirky. I’m not immune to trends but I can’t let go of certain classics I treasure either. I can fall in love with a color and am passionate about mixing patterns and prints. Although I don’t like to spend much money on design, I can look for a certain lamp shade or pillow for months. (and then end up finding it in a cheap chain -I don’t mind that if I like it). Moreover I really enjoy incorporating items I’ve had in my room since I’ve been a kid or items we have gotten from our family that were up in the attic. In Amelia’s room I would have never thought of combining the flower wall paper with a blue rug with a print but it is beautiful and it’s surprises like this I get so excited about.


When we moved to our current house Elliot was 17 months and Amelia was due in a month. Elliot’s room is on the top floor and once we had all of the previous owner’s stuff removed we were baffled at the size of it. All of that space is a luxury but it also proved to be a challenge to keep it homey and cute for a little toddler. We chose to paint one wall yellow. I am such a fan of yellow in a room and I like how it’s perfect for a boy without being that typical boy’s room. 

Bold flower print and coral crush

Amelia’s room is next to ours and is very small. However, that made it quite easy to decide on where everything had to go and I love how cosy it is. I chose a bold flower print on one wall and relatives were sceptic while helping me put up the wall paper. ‘If I was sure I wanted such an oldfashioned print in such a small room?’ but it all came together beautifully. 

What follows is more of a plog than a blog: lots of pictures and a list of where I found what.

Elliot’s room


Where I got these items:

Things from my parents house: rug (been with me since I was 8), bookcase (same, although I painted it bright pink when I was a teenager), green bag from the German Post (always been our dress-up bag since my sisters and I were kids).

  • Bed: Ikea Kura - later we can turn it upside down it becomes a high bed with a reading nook underneath.

  • Flower pots hanging from bed: Kwantum

  • Pull-out sofa: (our downstairs couch is also from this great company with the best customer service ever!)

  • Chest with drawers: friends of Bart’s parents were getting rid of it and I took it in and painted it (minimum effort) and added new knobs (from Zara Home)

  • Potty: Boon Inc.

  • Vintage posters: De Kleine Zebra

  • Fleece blanket yellow: Fab Goose.

  • Stuffed polar bear: Steiff

  • Music boxes: Balloon from Elodie Details; Moon from La Fraise Rouge.

  • Yellow lightbox with “SMILE”: Kwantum

  • Sheets: Zara Home Kids

  • Plane lamp: Philips (

Amelia’s room


Things from my parents’ house: Rug and sofa (both from my sister’s old room), frames (especially the one with four girls is dear to me as I am the eldest of four girls and it’s always been up in one of our rooms), bedside lamp.

  • Wallpaper: Eijffinger

  • Bed: Ikea

  • Sheets: Timmy Collections (via Dreambaby)

  • Bed bumper: Koeka

  • Fleece blanket: Bemini

  • Bear in bed: Childhome

  • Music box: Les Rèves d’Anaïs

  • Cover changing mat: Les Rèves d’Anais

  • Changing table: originally from Ikea but I got it from a colleague trying to get rid of it. Picked it up even before I was pregnant with Elliot (!) and stored it until I was eventually pregnant and then painted it white with a light blue chevron print with the help of my youngest sister.

  • Closet: Also originally from Ikea but got it from Bart’s aunt whose son had outgrown it.

  • Rack with clothing: Bart’s mom was looking to give it a new home and we were happy to give it one :) I added the bronze shelf from Ikea.

  • Pillow with flamingo: Depot 7

  • Lamp: Ikea

  • Banner spelling Amelia’s name was a gift.

  • Frame with Amelia’s name was a gift my sister got me on Etsy.

  • Curtains: Kwantum

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