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12 straightforward green tips that are child’s play for any mommy!  

12 straightforward green tips that are child’s play for any mommy!  

I was always interested in eco-friendly living but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I felt a huge responsibility to leave behind a healthy planet for my kids. Green parenting might seem difficult or more expensive, but honestly anybody can do these things and they might actually save you some money!

1. Reusable wet wipes

I often recommend cloth diapers but understand that they’re not for everyone, reusable wet wipes however are! We love the brand Cheeky Wipes. Cheeky wipes are white cotton wash cloths you soak in a specific container with some aromatic essential oil. Besides the “fresh” container, you also purchase the “mucky” box to throw the dirty wipes in. A few drops of tea tree oil prevent yucky smells from escaping.

Don’t be alarmed, thanks to a laundry bag in the box you don’t have to touch the dirty wipes when you put them in the washing machine. You can wash the wipes with your towels at higher temperatures or I like to add the special antibacterial detergent I use for the cloth diapers from Miosolo. It kills bacteria at a 60°C cycle. When we’re out and about we use disposable wipes (hey, I’m no saint) but at home we use our cheeky wipes. They are soft, prevent diaper rashes and don’t contain harmful perfumes.

I also store colorful cloth wipes in the kitchen to use instead of paper towel when the kids’ faces or hands are in need of wiping. We use one per kid a day instead of tons of tissues and kitchen roll. We rinse them out and keep them by the sink.

2. Less meat

We are flexitarians which is a bit of a fancy word for hypocritical vegetarians. We eat meat once a week and eat vegetarian the rest of the week. Our number one reason for this is our ecological footprint, our second reason health a third, coincidental but nevertheless welcome, plus is that it’s economical! I must admit that having fussy little eaters in the house has been a bit of a challenge and it’s been a bit of an effort especially for Elliot’s lunches. I don’t have hummus loving children and they don’t like cheese so Elliot takes good old chicken luncheon meat to school. Not Instagram worthy maybe but I’m happy he has a full belly at school.

I often get the question “what do you guys eat then”. Well, a lot of stir-fries and one pot meals. In winter, and most of the time in summer too, we start off with soup.

3. Alternatives for tin foil

Tin foil is so bad for the environment and it’s easy to replace. Get the members of your family a lunch and snack box to reuse. Keep leftovers in a container in the fridge, or use Bee’s Wrap to cover the original plate they were in.

Also super handy are Food Huggers. These reusable rubber caps keep pieces of fruit and vegetables fresh. I often use only half of a zucchini for Amelia’s lunch for example, and can easily keep the other half in the fridge.  

4. Breastfeed

No waste and local,… what’s more to want? Breastfeeding has many benefits but this one you might not have thought about before. Also read my blog on breastfeeding tips and tricks.

5. Dryer balls

I cannot express what a fan I am of dryer balls. You add these sheep wool balls to the dryer with a few drops of essential oil, I prefer lavender. They shorten the drying time and replace fabric softener. Your clothes come out smelling amazing and are wonderfully soft.

6. Alternative for plastic bags

Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Even for the produce section. Don’t use the plastic bags the store offers but try take your own cotton bags. I like to use the ones from Re-sack I got on Amazon. I have to admit my mommy brain often forgets to bring them to the store but I do use them most of the time.

7. Reusable fruit pouches

Read my blog on trying to get Elliot to eat fruit and vegetables (The Secret to a Healthy Diet for your Fussy Toddler) to find out more about these super cute reusable fruit pouches you can fill up with smoothie goodness for on the road or at school. They really are a must-have!

8. Consider cloth diapers

Don’t be hesitant. Read my blogpost on cloth diapers! I promise it’s worth your while. Cloth diapers aren’t what they used to be. Also it isn’t an all or nothing type of decision. We’re big fans!

9. Take the bike instead of the car

I am in love with my mommy bike which you might have noticed on my Instagram because it’s often featured in my stories and posts. It took a long time to decide on a bike because I wanted it to be electric and mommy-of-two friendly but I was also on a budget. Eventually I decided on a Sparta Amazon 4 Life E-bike. It’s a great affordable and comfortable bike to ride on with two kids and I can’t stop talking about it to people.


If you’re looking for a bike to ride with two little ones then be sure to consider the following parameters: go for electric (trust me, you’ll never use it otherwise), make sure it has a sturdy double stand (I can finish loading the bike while the two little ones are already strapped in knowing they’re safe), in order to ride comfortably with a child bike seat on the steering wheel, you’ll need a bike with extra space between the steering wheel and the saddle. (our seats are from Thule Yepp), get some bags so you can bring school bags, groceries and whatnot without having to carry them (our are from Basil), check if you can change gears while standing still (handy when you’re at a stoplight and are still in the heaviest gear with a loaded bike.  

10. Swim wear

Why not use  cute washable swim wear instead of disposable swim diapers? We like the brand Imse Vimse! Their swim wear holds a number two (worst case scenario) but doesn't blow up under water. Before and after swimming we put the kids a diaper on again.

11. Reusable cotton pads

I’ve actually just ordered these for taking off my make-up. I’m expecting them to be quite the hit, I’ll let you know!

12. Menstrual cup

I know I’m grossing some of you out now and you might be ready to stop reading but yes this is something for you too! A cup is an all-round winner: it’s a one-time purchase as it is reusable for years on end (around 25 euro), it leaves no waste, and you only have to change it every twelve hours which means less worries! You can stride out of the house without having to think about anything to take with you and you don’t have to make unpleasant toilet visits when you’re out. Have I tickled your interest, then go to

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